Shout Out: ForEach.Work

Recently Kathryn Brown, CEO and Founder of ScoutSavvy, rebranded ScoutSavvy as ForEach.Work. Kathryn has been working tirelessly over the past few years to bring more diversity and inclusivity into the tech hiring market and the rebrand of ScoutSavvy reflects that ever evolving goal.

If you’re looking for work in tech around Portland (or the West Coast in general) I urge you to take a moment to browse the site and create a profile.

Excerpt from ForEach.Work:

We are a diversity-focused tech talent agency.

Our mission is to help tech companies build a better future with diversity.

Our name forEach is a nod to our nerdy tendencies. It refers to a control flow statement for traversing items in a collection, in place of a statement. Although the syntax differs from language to language, the basic structure is: 

for each item in collection:

do something to item

forEach is how we think about diversity in tech.

For each person, no matter what they look like or where they come from, identify what makes them special, then find the best jobs for them.

Join me in wishing Kathryn luck and continued success in her mission!

Inbound Email in Rails with Mailgun – Part One

One of the features I implemented recently at work was allowing users to create “cards” inside their workspace by sending an email to the workspace itself.  While not a revolutionary thing to do, it is a step towards giving users the ability to forward confirmation emails to their workspace and have it auto-generate data based on the email contents.

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Scheduler Brain Dump 19MAY2016

I had some time before medical appointment this morning to think a bit more about the Scheduler service I need to create for my PRC-119 app.  I have a tendency to think through solutions in my head but not write them down causing me to have to cover the same ground the next time I actually sit down to code.

What follows is a stream of consciousness “brain dump” about that feature/service and some other random thoughts.

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A Technical Interview and A Lesson in Preparation

One of the hardest parts of starting a new career is the eventuality that you’ll have to interview with a new company at some point. While this process is rarely a pleasant experience, it becomes especially daunting for the rookie developer trying to find that first job where you break into the “real world” of software development.  I recently went through a few interviews and wanted to share one of my experiences.

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The Benefits of Code School Internships

One of the biggest “catch-22’s” in the junior developer world is the problem of finding a company that will hire you with very little on-the-job experience.  Most companies are asking for 1-2 years experience for junior/entry-level positions which can feel unfair when you first get out of your code school or boot camp.  How are you supposed to find a job to get that experience if everyone wants you to already have the experience?


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Choosing a Programming Bootcamp

One of the biggest hurdles I faced this year in deciding to make the move from software support over to software development was deciding how I’d get the skills to become employable.  There are a multitude of code schools, programming boot camps, and online courses out there that all promise to get you “job ready” in X amount of time.

So where do you even start when evaluating the options?!?

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