The Benefits of Code School Internships

One of the biggest “catch-22’s” in the junior developer world is the problem of finding a company that will hire you with very little on-the-job experience.  Most companies are asking for 1-2 years experience for junior/entry-level positions which can feel unfair when you first get out of your code school or boot camp.  How are you supposed to find a job to get that experience if everyone wants you to already have the experience?


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Choosing a Programming Bootcamp

One of the biggest hurdles I faced this year in deciding to make the move from software support over to software development was deciding how I’d get the skills to become employable.  There are a multitude of code schools, programming boot camps, and online courses out there that all promise to get you “job ready” in X amount of time.

So where do you even start when evaluating the options?!?

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