Choosing a Programming Bootcamp

One of the biggest hurdles I faced this year in deciding to make the move from software support over to software development was deciding how I’d get the skills to become employable.  There are a multitude of code schools, programming boot camps, and online courses out there that all promise to get you “job ready” in X amount of time.

So where do you even start when evaluating the options?!?

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It’s Log!

One of the biggest sources of frustration for me as a relatively new software developer has been making the same mistakes over and over again and not learning from it.

I’m not so much talking about minor “brain farts” like forgetting to close a parentheses, those are just typing/style blips for the most part.  Instead I mean things like forgetting about/how to use parallel assignment or confusing a few of the Array versus Hash methods in Ruby.

To help alleviate those issues:  Enter The Error Log  

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